Mobile Money


Mobile Money Solution

Offer exceptional digital payment experience to your customers with advanced mobile money solutions like P2P payments, contactless payment, airtime top-up, etc.

Grab the digital payments opportunity with next-gen mobile wallet

Grow your customer base without investing in costly infrastructures and increase the satisfaction of your customers by employing our completely customizable future-centric digital payment platform. By collaborating with us, you get the power to

Multi Currency & Multi Tenant

You can trade in multi-currencies and operate multiple environments due to its multi-tenant capabilities.

Micro service based architecture

It divides the single application into a small set of services. Each app runs on its own but communicates seamlessly with each other.

Lower TCO

We support micro-service architecture & cloud deployment to lower your total cost of ownership.

Secure Platform

Our solution is PCI SSF compliant that ensures the safety of sensitive data stored, transmitted, or stored.

White-labelling & Customization

You can rebrand the app by adding your logo and customize the solution as per your business requirement.

Sleek User Experience

Give your users a seamless experience offering them a qualified customer-focused and easy-to-use digital payment solution.

One-stop Digital eWallet Solution

Advance Online Payment Solution with an extensive variety of features that caters to all your financial and fintech services.

Supporting versatile digital wallet models

No matter which size business you have or which industry you belong to. With our solution, you can cover a wide range of customer base as our mobile money solution is compatible with various types of wallets that allow you and your customers to make a seamless transaction.

This type of wallet allows consumers to make payments within the pre-fixed environment. Consumers can load money into a spending account like a gift card in a payment device belonging to a specific company and can pay using the mobile application.

Using this wallet, customers can make transactions at listed merchants & locations. Though this app lacks functionality, it allows users to make both online & offline payments. It is widely used to purchase goods and services and also to transfer funds between users.

It is the opposite of closed-loop wallets. Banks or authorised institutions issue open wallets. Users can utilize this wallet for all transactions permitted with a semi-closed wallet in addition to transferring or withdrawing funds from ATMs & banks.

Issue Virtual and NFC Cards for payments online or in store. Also allows users to store their debit credit cards in the platform.

High-Level Architecture to enable Payment Interoperability

Our all-embracing digital payment platform is designed with the primary purpose of facilitating digital payment interoperability and providing a single solution for all payment needs.

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