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Digital Payment Solutions

Digitize your enterprise startups and businesses with our top-notch payment solutions.

Enabling the financial world

Duruj: Digital Payment Platform

Duruj began its journey in the year of 2010 under the umbrella of Aaron techs, a leading mobile application development company. Duruj has come up with several digital financial solutions such as Mobile Money, Agency Banking, Automated Fuel Solution, Parking Solution, etc. Duruj has earned its reputation as a technology solution provider with a global market approach for Fintech Solutions. Duruj leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver superior FinTech solutions that cater to Non-Banking Financial Institutions, Enterprises, Banks, MNOs and Telcos.
Product Overview

Revolutionizing Finance, One Solution at a Time

Revolutionize finance with our innovative solutions, offering control, efficiency, and transparency. Set new standards in fintech with our user-centric approach and cutting-edge technology. Transform your financial interactions with our accessible, empowering platform.

Aligns MFS Service Providers and Users In A Collusive Ecosystem

• Synergizing customers, merchants, and service providers on one ecosystem

Micro Service-Based Modular Architecture

• The highest degree of flexibility and scalability with multi-thread nonblocking architecture

Agile and Flexible For Faster Deployment On Cloud Or On-premise

• Being cloud ready offers high TPS with a lower TCO and can be deployed faster

Comprehensive, Omni Channel White labelled Solution

• Readily available for omnichannel launch. • No need for developing from scratch.

One Platform For All Your Digital Payment Needs

• Offers a wide range of payment and marketing solutions under one mobile interface. • Creative, unique offering for each customer based on their transactional behavior.


Industries We Serve

Empower diverse industries with tailored fintech solutions for greater efficiency and growth. Drive success across sectors by leveraging our expertise and innovative approach.

Non-Banking Financial Institutions

Our product caters to all the Non-Banking Financial Institutions with services such as Mobile wallets, Top-Up & Bill payments, Money transfers, E-KYC, Merchant payments, E-Ticketing, Loyaly & Rewards, and International Remittance.


Not just NBFI’ but to the main financial services providers, Banks, are also our esteemed customers for services such as Mobile Wallet, Agency Banking, Mobile Banking, Top-up & Bill Payments, Merchant Payments, and Loyalty & Rewards, E-KYC.


We also assist enterprises and established organizations with services such as Mobile Wallet, Collection Account, Disbursement Account, Bulk Salary disbursement, Bulk Air time disbursement, Sales collection, Vendor Payments Enterprises.


MNO’s and Telcos are also some of our target audience with requirements of services like Mobile Wallets, Top-Up & Bill payments, P2P, G2P transfers, international remittances, bulk air time distribution, merchant payments, E-KYC, Loyalty & Rewards.

Unlocking Opportunities for Financial Growth

Capital Market Insights

At Duruj, we provide comprehensive insights and analysis into the dynamic world of capital markets. With our expertise and dedication to empowering investors, we offer strategic guidance and actionable intelligence to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.
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Advanced Range of Features

  • Scan QR to Pay
  • Tap & Pay (NFC)
  • USSD Payments
  • Remote Payments
  • Unbanked
  • Banked
  • Monetize through Dynamic Configurations
  • Optimize System Performance
  • Monitor through Dashboards
  • Track all transactions
  • Prevent Disasters Proactively
  • Core product available
  • White labelled solution
  • Exemplary Seamless Integrations
  • Readily available Open APIs
Use Cases

Key Use cases for your Financial Services

Explore real-world applications of our fintech solutions, delivering tangible value and efficiency enhancements. From streamlined payment processing to data-driven analytics, discover how our tools optimize operations and drive business growth.

Wallet Services


Bill Payments

Mobile Banking


International Remittance

Merchant Payment

Enterprise Mobile Money

Loyalty & Rewards

Why Choose Duruj?

Why Choose Duruj: Digital Payment Platform?

A cluster of advanced payment solutions with the latest technology that provide endless benefits for your financial and fintech services to help you in growing and scaling your business.

Our solution is ready to use. You can plug & play any module as per your business need and can start enjoying the digital wallet service the very next moment by employing our e-wallet platform.

You can modify, replace, or add new features in the solution based on your business needs as our solution is 100% customizable.

With our qualified customer-focused and easy-to-use digital payment solution, you ensure a seamless user experience.

You can launch the product quickly after deployment as our core solution is ready and available.

Your cost of ownership is reduced because we also support micro-service architecture and cloud deployment.

You will get a completely secure platform that is PCI SSF standard compliant for users’ data protection and safety.

Duruj’s concept

Be Adaptable and Accommodating​

Our customer-centric fintech solution adapts and changes according to the needs and requirements of the clients. The core product being ready can be quickly launched in the market with customizations according to the needs, integrated across various channels, and be smartly reused.