Merchant Payment

Skyrocket your

Merchant’s profit with Duruj

Give your customers the best payment experience with our innovative merchant payment solution.

Simple. Scalable. Powerful.

Supercharge your business with a system designed to handle end-to-end payment. Offer your customers the convenience of multiple payment options from debit/credit cards to swipe, keyed, digital & contactless transactions.

What can you achieve with Duruj?

With Duruj in place, you can integrate various merchants seamlessly thus gaining a plethora of benefits. Some of these benefits are mentioned below.

Increase number of transaction

Get more and more merchants onboard to increase the number of transactions over your solution.

Merchant incentives

Motivate your merchants with various incentive plans and help them to make more profits.

Get a competitive edge

Get a competitive edge over your rivals by offering various services in one app through merchants.


Generate additional revenue by putting out ads and promotions for your various merchants and traders.

Reports and analytics

Receive vital insights about your merchants that assists you to take wise and visionary decisions.

Location-based services

Allow merchants to offer location-based services and customized promotions for their customers.

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