International Remittance

Global Money

Transfers Made Easy

Cross-border payments simplified – Let your customers send money abroad in a faster, cheaper, and more convenient manner.

Global remittance at your fingertips!

Transforming remittances. Focus on empowering businesses and individuals by simplifying global transactions to make them as easy as a cash transaction.

Enable Cross-Border Transactions

Go global with confidence. With cross-border payments, enable secure and efficient international payments for your customers

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Pay your way, hassle-free. With multiple payment options, give your customers the freedom to choose the method that suits them best.

Customize Pricing and Fees

Our customizable platform allows you to set competitive exchange rates and fees that meet the unique needs of the customers.

Making Cross-Border transfers quick and easy!

Next-gen tokenised payments

Tokenized prepaid cards to enable contactless payments at POS. Add the card to a digital wallet, and make instant and secure payments on the go.

Enable customers to make online money transfers via mobile to friends’ & family’s bank accounts either through direct API integration or a 3rd party switch

Allow customers to send money via mobile to family & friends, who can collect it as cash from an IMT partner agent using a unique code.

Seamless Global Deployments

Our cloud deployments make international remittances easy and secure. Enjoy seamless and flexible solutions that fit your unique needs.

  • Secure and reliable transfers
  • Flexible and scalable options
  • Streamlined deployment process

We help you deploy the cross-border transfer solution to your custom-built data centers with maximum security and reliability.

  • Secure on-premise deployment
  • Flexible and Customizable
  • Full data control

Your Platorm, Your Way

Multi-currency support

We make cross-border payments easy! Our platform supports a diverse range of currencies, enabling seamless global transactions. Say goodbye to the hassle of currency conversions and enjoy a smooth international payment experience.

API integration

Our platform offers seamless integration with third-party APIs, enabling efficient and automated payment processing. Say goodbye to manual processes and streamline your international payments with ease.

Real-time transfers

We provide you the option to allow your customers with instant or near-instant real-time online money transfers. Say goodbye to long wait times and enjoy seamless transactions on our platform.

Analytics and Reporting

Our platform empowers financial institutions with robust analytics and reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights into transaction volume, fees, and other metrics. Make informed decisions and optimize your remittance operations with ease.

Enhanced security features

We prioritize safety and security on our platform with advanced features like two-factor authentication, biometric identification, and fraud detection. These measures enhance the overall protection of your users’ data and transactions.

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