The ultimate prepaid card solution

Issuing, activating, and managing prepaid cards doesn’t have to be complicated. Our user-friendly platform makes it simple and accessible for everyone.

Endless Possibilities With Our Solution

Discover the ultimate way to manage your prepaid card programs efficiently with top-notch security and compliance. With our solution, issue cards of varied types and features, as and when required.

Issue Prepaid Cards

Easily issue prepaid cards in a simple and convenient way while providing a hassle-free experience for you and your customers.

Multi-currency management options

Easily provide multi-currency payment options to your customers. Expand your reach by enabling hassle-free global transactions.

Integrate with global payment networks

With our expertise in working with top banks and payment networks throughout the world, we can help you seamlessly integrate with them.

Let your customer experience the best of all prepaid cards


Virtual Cards at Your Fingertips

Make payments virtually in a secure and convenient way with our best-in-class virtual cards available in single-use and multi-use forms.


Swipe. Spend. Enjoy

Your cards, your control! Offer physical cards tailored to your brand or identity. Use them the way you want, where you want. It’s fully customizable!

Tokenised Cards

Next-gen tokenised payments

Tokenized prepaid cards to enable contactless payments at POS. Add the card to a digital wallet, and make instant and secure payments on the go.

Deployments made easy!

Cloud Solutions

Scalable & Secure Cloud Deployments. We establish a highly secure cloud infrastructure for you to efficiently manage prepaid cards with ease.

On-premise Solutions

We help you deploy the solution to your custom-built data centers with maximum security and reliability.

A Promise to Deliever Excellence!


We Are Powered by API

Our Powerful APIs enable seamless processing, quick and secure transactions, real-time monitoring, simplified account management, and automated tasks, ensuring a hassle-free customer experience.


Complete Security & Privacy Ensured

With our advanced security features, we add multiple layers of security to cards. From encryption, tokenization, access control to monitoring and alerts, we prioritize your privacy and security with every transaction.

Self Service

Offer Easy Access to Your Customers

Put your customers at the forefront of the prepaid card experience. We offer customer self-service capabilities allowing your customers to manage their cards online through an app.

Data insights

Instant and Specific Data Insights

With our advanced data reporting capabilities, we provide detailed and instant data analysis and reports on card usage, transactions, and other relevant data. Make informed decisions with all the insights needed for your business.


Tailored to Your Needs!

We offer complete customization capabilities for your specific needs. Our platform enables you to tailor it to fit your unique requirements to enhance efficiency and customization effectiveness for your business.


Your Compliance Partner for Success

We help you meet all the regulatory requirements like PCI DSS to keep your prepaid card data fully secure. We ensure following the best data security and compliance practices, for stress-free business.

Duruj’s success over the years

Over the years, Duruj has successfully delivered several customized and top-notch digital wallet solutions for its clients. You can get a glimpse of a few of those works here.

Under NDA

Duruj has provided a dynamic e-wallet feature solution to its South African client

The application is more than what other e-wallet applications are available in the market. It has unique features, an extra layer of security to protect its customers, an intuitive user interface to provide an unforgettable experience.

South Africa
Under NDA

Duruj provides a feature-rich digital wallet solution to its Ethiopia-based client

Alliance Mobile Solutions is a FinTech startup based in the Ethiopia. It aims to offer utmost ease and convenience in person-to-person transfer, bill payments, and merchant payment services via a robust mobile wallet solution.

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